Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

Apple Pie | 6.99
This all-American classic is stuffed with ripe apples and topped with a cinnamon-sugar crumble, homemade caramel sauce, fresh whipped cream and served with vanilla bean angalaise.

Chocolate Blowout Cake | 6.99
"Strike it rich" with our triple chocolate lava cake filled with "black gold" chocolate oozing from the center, drizzled with even more chocolate sauce and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Classic Cheesecake | 6.99
Our silky homemade cheesecake on a buttery graham cracker crust, topped with fresh whipped cream and a seasonal fruit topping.

Bourbon Pecan Pie Bar | 5.99
A Texas-sized portion of the classic southern favorite! Our made-from-scratch pecan pie bar is topped with a ribbon of caramel Chantilly cream and drizzled with our homemade brown sugar caramel sauce.

The Derrick Cake | 7.99
This towering 14-layer cake rising from a layer of raspberry sauce, alternates between decadent chocolate cake and homemade hazelnut chocolate ganache and topped with a luscious chocolate glaze.

Homemade Bread Pudding | 5.99
Our good old-fashioned, fresh baked bread pudding topped with our made-from-scratch vanilla cream sauce.

*Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to any of the above for only $1.50!